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The book is a rich source for specialists interested in recent developments in bioenergetics research and novices in the field alike.

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Bioenergetics Energy Conservation and Conversion. Pages Structure of Photosystems I and II. Johann P.

Bioenergetics - 3rd Edition

The Gordon Research Conference on Bioenergetics will bring together scientists interested in the molecular and cellular aspects of biological energy conversion. The structures and mechanisms that biology uses to control, handle and conserve energy are fundamental to life, and central to many aspects of human health and disease. The meeting will promote an integrated, multidisciplinary view of energy metabolism, by encouraging discussions and exchange of information between researchers from a broad range of bioenergetics-related scientific disciplines.

It will focus broadly on the following three areas. First, on new developments in the structure, mechanism, organisation and regulation of the large and complicated proton-pumping enzyme complexes of biological energy conservation: the respiratory electron transporting complexes, and the rotary ATP synthase machines.


Second, on the roles and functions of the bioenergetic complexes in the cell — not only the production of ATP, but a significant contribution to oxidative stress, and the essential support of many diverse cellular metabolic pathways. Third, how bioenergetics enzymes can be exploited as drug targets in human diseases, including in cancer, mitochondrial and neurodegenerative diseases, with an additional emphasis on targeting the bioenergetics enzymes particular to pathogens.

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Finally, clear priorities for the meeting are to provide a platform for researchers on every level to present their most recent findings whether in a formal scientific session or as a poster presentation and to engage in active, stimulating and unfettered discussions. Particular emphasis will be placed on engaging postdoctoral researchers and graduate students in the meeting, and on promoting an atmosphere that is both welcoming and inspiring for younger researchers, as well as for established ones. Conference Program. Sunday pm - pm Arrival and Check-in. Mike Ryan Monash University, Australia.


Artur Osyczka Jagiellonian University, Poland. KG, Germany.

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Peter Brzezinski Stockholm University, Sweden.