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Feb 07, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy.

Blood Lines

Good resolution to this story arc, and Wilks built the groundwork for the next story arc. There's not real "romance" in here exactly, though many other kinds of love are shown. I actually really enjoyed that, but the longer this series goes on, the more I think it's shelved in the wrong genre. Oh well. I continue to enjoy how all the characters have an internal POV in this series -- whether or not the story is told from their POV, they all clearly have interiority. For me, this is nicely balanced by plot development and worldbuilding. This book is set in an alternate medieval China, and I found that quite fun.

Especially when comparing Lily and Grandmother's reactions to things. If you like your stories more action oriented, this may not work for you. But also, if you haven't read this series before, do not start here. Jan 04, Beth rated it really liked it. Thankfully doesn't end on a cliffhanger. I have no idea where that brother came from. I'll probably need to do a backwards re-read -- unless it was part of a short story? View all 8 comments. Jan 05, Gilbert Stack rated it liked it. The last book, Dragon Spawn, began to lose my interest about the time the group went to Dis and then left us in a cliffhanger that promised more of the same.

This one, with its otherworldly setting, took a long time to catch my interest again, but in the last quarter the excitement finally started to build and I was pleased with the ending. Hopefully Wilks will turn things around in the next one. On the positive side, this series is blessed with very interesting characters.

A Novel of the Lupi Series

Lily Yu and Rule Turner make an excellent pair. They have very different personalities and their strengths complement each other nicely. Each one is believable with their personality quirks. The same can be said of the ever growing cast. These are characters you can care about.

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I had such a hard time with this book, much like the one set in Dis. It was so wordy and easy to get lost with the unfamiliar setting and all the language issues. I did really like the parts with Rule and Grandmother, love how their relationship has changed.

I also liked how Lily and Cynna were able to comfort and bolster each other. Wilks easily slips perspective from Lily to Rule to Madame Yu with our seeing the story through their emotions and tho Fourteenth in the World of the Lupi urban fantasy series and revolving around Lily Yu, an FBI agent with Gifts, mated to the gorgeous werewolf, Rule Turner. Wilks easily slips perspective from Lily to Rule to Madame Yu with our seeing the story through their emotions and thoughts, a third person global subjective point-of-view. And why Europe had such trouble with dragons while Chinese history did not indicate draconic issues, lol.

Quite promising. Zhu Kongqi is a conundrum. Cold with a passion for philosophy and scientific experimentation.

Gan experiences new feelings, about motherhood, about family. She also provides a real ick of a backstory on how demons evolve. A very frustrating part of this story was Dragonhome. Not the realm, but the choppy manner in which Wilks wrote and the multiple names she included for the same places. It wasn't until I was working up the "characters" section that I was able to eventually sort out the overall realm from the spawn realm, figure out which names were the alternates, and how Lang Xin fit into it.

It certainly does make sense. Very much a wild ride of a story with a nasty bit of foreshadowing at that cliffhanger of an end.

One that falls apart in a demon realm ruled by a demon prince who should have been dead. Worse, Lily is yanked into an alternate realm — and is immediately taken captive by the dragon spawn who rule there. At least she discovers what happened to Cynna! Dirty Harry is Lily's cat. And who shifts into a Siberian tiger. The lupi are… …werewolves who are divided into Clans. Rule's is the Nokolai with his father, Isen , its Rho , its leader. A Lu Nuncio is a Clan's heir. A Clan's Rhej is their heart with the memories of the lupi past and their connection to the Lady whom they serve.

Nettie Two Horses is physician, healer, and shaman for the Nokolai. Mateo Ortiz is a cantakerous Leidolf. Jasper Machek is Rule's half-brother, who used to be a thief and now runs an antique shop specializing in Victoriana in San Francisco. Those on the mission to rescue the children include… …the orange Gan , a former demon, a friend, and the Chancellor of Edge. At least 79 are dead. One hundred and forty-nine are still missing.

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Gnomes can build gates that allow beings to travel between realms. Michael also holds the Codex Arcana. That and curiosity cause him to cross paths with a dying not-a-fox. I suspect his actions in this are another bit of foreshadowing. Including the dragon spawn , a. To spare them, their forms were permanently altered to human.

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An error as it led to supersmart, sorcerous sociopaths with parental issues. They should have been dead, those seven. Zhu means master with Zhuren the plural form. The spawn swap administrative positions among themselves, with the leader referred to as Father of Law. Lang Xin is… …the capital, which originated as an entire village that fell through.

Ah Hai , a. Ah Li is one of the finest healers in Lang Xin. The Helen Lily killed.