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How a CDN Works

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This book provides an introduction to the Content Networking market, and describes the players, the problems, and the solutions to the problems facing companies seeking to provide services via the Internet. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Skip to content Skip to search. Hull, Scot.

Picking the Best CDN – Is There One?

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Physical Description xxiv, p. Subjects Computer networks. World Wide Web. Notes Includes index.

WordPress CDN - Why You Should Be Using One in

View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? This way, a client is redirected to a to work at superior application layers. Respecting transport layers, both TCP and UDP are However, caching techniques in the previous steps utilized by CDNs; the former protocol allows a slow both in the local DNS server and even in the client but reliable transmission of control and content browser makes it only possible to achieve a coarse- information, whereas the latter one offers a non- grained load balancing redirection strategy.

This is the ideal scenario as CDNs are overlay networks that mainly operate at the user perceives a reduced response time application-layer protocols. This situation can be caused as a caching So there must be a translation or mapping from drawback in the DNS resolution phase.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation local environments.

In last instance, the hosted by a layer switch, which then on-the-fly local nameserver queries an authoritative server, so redirects the request to a local low-congested server. The local nameserver represents a explained, it is now time to center in the protocols client; all clients connected to the same local DNS that allow the communication within the CDN server are treated as if they were the same client.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

Therefore, performance analysis are dealt with clusters of clients. In the case of an ISP, a cluster 3. Note that, if the client is placed far is the same. This is because of its common use; even away from its local nameserver, the geographic some applications such as e-mail and ftp offer a web estimation cannot be accurate and is discouraged. HTTP has provider owns the authoritative server in charge for evolved from a simple 0.

Besides, load field in the connection header. Besides, the protocol balancing can be reached at this level. An intelligent also incorporates a pipeline facility, i. Figure 1. HTTP supports two different ways of reliable data transmission to all replicas. In other authentication —basic and message digest — but none advanced and decentralized architectures, a surrogate of them are secure enough, so another protocol has to can fetch content from multiple sources via MFTP, be used: HTTPS, which normally corresponds to the similar as it happens with popular peer-to-peer encryption of HTTP by an SSL session.

In the case of filesharing clients. More concretely, there are specific a CDN, the use of HTTPS is generally accompanied protocols at higher layers that deal with cache by a redirection to a secure server from a surrogate, management, such as the Internet Cache Protocol that is, the number of clients to buy is much smaller ICP , largely implemented in a variety of software: than those who only want to see available products; Squid, Microsoft Proxy, Volera, Cisco Cache Engine, therefore, they can be handled by a unique server.

Not all surrogates Besides HTTP, which serves images and text to must retrieve all the content available at the origin users, the demand of a multimedia interface implies server. All of this is easy for static content, locally has changed to a streaming delivery but a CDN also supports both dynamic and live mechanism.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Common famous applications are content. Normally, as cached across multiple user sessions. Market latency is severely perceived, packets are sent via examples are Xcache [5] and ESI [6]. However, due to proxy Live content, audio or video, must be delivered as firewalling of UDP packets, sometimes HTTP and fast as possible; the best distribution platform to TCP is introduced to bypass such circumstance.

In this case, content must RTP, and add-on features such as video-on-demand is not be cached at the surrogates, which act as merely provided by RTSP, though the latter is hardly data relayers. Here it is important the efficiency in the deployed currently. As traditional IP multicast is not supported, an application layer multicast tree has to 3.