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Otherwise, you manually must configure the domain name. The VTP configuration revision number is currently at Obviously, this will cause a major outage on the network because active VLANs 10 through 30 and will be deleted and will go inactive. A network administrator will have to manually restore the configurations of those VLANs.

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The VTP domain Area3 consists of one server and several clients. The server's VTP configuration revision number is at A new switch is added to the network.

It has VTP domain name Area5 and a configuration revision number of What happens when the new switch is added to the network? What happens when the VTP domain name is changed to Area3 on the new switch?

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Domain Area5 will experience no change when the switch is added. The two domains, Area3 and Area5, will coexist on the same network with different sets of clients. The configuration revision numbers on both servers will stay unchanged. When the domain is changed to Area3, that domain then will have two VTP servers.

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The switch that has the newly configured domain name has a lower configuration revision number, so it will learn all VTP information from the existing server. The new switch's revision number will become 11, and its list of defined VLANs will change to match the existing server. Previous page. Table of content. Next page.

Authors: Paul Hudson , Andrew Hudson. Qshell for iSeries. Visual C How to Program 2nd Edition.

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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. If you may any questions please contact us: flylib qtcs. Privacy policy. All chapters concentrate on Red Hat Linux software and tools, and more specifically those software packages incl Red Hat Fedora 4 Unleashed will help you gain a greater understanding of intermediate-level Linux networking and system administration issues. Also included is coverage on the new applications, web development, peripherals and programming languages involved with this latest Red Hat Linux distri Red Hat Linux Unleashed recognises the central desire of Linux adopters--control over just about everything including the source code.

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Incorporating an advanced approach to presenting information about Red Hat Linux, the book aims to provide the best and latest information intermediate to advanced Red Hat users need to know about installation, config It is aimed at beginners, providing details to getting started.

It takes the reader through the first steps of working with a new technology. They use additional hardware and drivers, are used in changing environments, and require special security strategies. Mobile Linux takes on these challenges and gives you hints for selecting the best notebook for your needs, successfully installing Linux on your laptop, optimizing Linux performance, and troubleshooting problems that occur on the road. For the intermediate Linux user, t SUSE Linux 6. This book provides the information you want and need and can otherwise only be found by hunting through multiple documents on the internet.

At over pages, Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed is a heavyweight tome that seeks to cover many aspects of RH installation, DNS, Apache, Perl, Python, X programming, networking, sendmail, security, system administration, printing which really needs a whole book ,automation and far more besides. Naturally, the quantity of practical examples that can Combination of one of the best-selling Linux titles ever with a complete tutorial covering the most popular office suite for Linux Includes two Linux distributions, Red Hat Linux and Caldera OpenLinux, and an applicatio Plew , Ryan K.

Organized into 24 lessons that take about an hour apiece, this book helps you ensure that your system can handle Linux and walks you through the process of installing Red Hat Linux and the Xfree86 windowing system. Ball's coverage of installation is rather weak, through paying only cursory attention to Que by William H.

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It will help them manage and use their systems more effectively. Most books in this category are geared mostly toward installation and configuration, they have very little content which helps the user on a day-to-day basis. This book will give the reader the information the other books do have, in ad Incorporating an advanced approach, the information presented aims to provide you with the best and latest information about installation, configuration, system administration, server operat Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson builds upon the previous one, allowing you to learn the essentials of SuSE Linux from the ground up.