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It all sounds great of course but happiness, like everything else, is something that families have to work for. Dynamics have to be right, members have to bond, everyone has to feel important and most importantly loved. Making those a priority is how to build a happy family. Ready to improve your household? Follow these four tips for a happier family.

Maybe two of your children do not get along, the dynamic between yourself and a child is not where you would like it to be or your spouse has been a bit distant. Whatever it is, start by admitting that there is a problem and then take steps to mend any compromised relationships. When dealing with children and teens, this may be a challenge but it is often just usual conflicts like annoying each other, problems with sharing etc.

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To fix this, parents simply have to teach children how to recognize and set boundaries, how to prevent negative situations and problem solving skills. Improved interaction skills benefit sibling relationships. The individuals that do not get along should spend more time with one another because time promotes healthier relationships. It does this by creating an environment that encourages conversation which in turn results in closeness.

As family members talk, good qualities come out and commonalities are discovered. A happy family life requires family time.

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Just be sure to do this authentically. People often shut down when they feel like they are being forced or set up to do something. When everyone is at home suggest watching a movie, turn to a funny show on television, make a sweet treat and invite everyone to the table, plan an outing or ask everyone to help with the chores folding the laundry is perfect. When you include them in the story, you honor their future path.

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Just be sure to emphasize the moral of the story, rather than yourself as a role model in it. Open communication is so beneficial to families that Fishel made it a cornerstone of The Family Dinner Project.

Establish Positive Child-Adult Relationships

As kids grow older, communication is central to developing conflict resolution skills and building empathy. By communicating openly, families demonstrate mutual respect for each other.

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This way, when they need to express frustrations or have challenging conversations with each other, they all feel secure and supported. Give them ways to talk about how they feel. Have them tell you a story from their day or their imagination.

Read or tell stories about characters who have specific feelings, and ask how the stories make them feel. Was the Big Bad Wolf frustrated? Listen and make them feel heard. To build trust and respect, ensure you are talking with them, not at them, and say what you mean. For example, you can use their most recent allowance negotiation attempt to segue into a discussion about healthy financial habits.

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Bringing your kids into these conversations reminds them that the lines of communication are always open. This builds empathy and makes them more likely to come to you when they need help solving a problem in which adult guidance would be beneficial. This generation could offer more guidance.

How to Build a Happy Family

Kindness is appreciated by everyone and performing acts of kindness is not only good for your own health and well being but also that of your family. Working together in the home - In a family, work should be the the same for husband and wife. There is no need to separate different types of work, instead husband and wife working together and sharing the load, whether it is homework, household chores or cooking meals, is the best example to children about building unity and cohesion in the family.

Your children will then have a good example to emulate. Temper your emotions - It is never healthy to hide or suppress emotions for long periods, however when we are highly charged or highly sensitive about something, our raw emotions may get the better of us and harsh words or rash actions are taken which can hurt and wound the hearts of those closest to us. We will all encounter situations which test us emotionally and push our buttons. At these times we should be aware enough to avoid an unnecessary confrontation and let our emotions cool down before discussing these difficult situations.

The Recipe for a Happy Family

Build bonds and esteem within the family group - The family group includes father, mother, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Within this group, each person needs to maintain a healthy self-esteem and relationship towards everyone else. A lack of self-esteem in one family member will have an impact on relationships with others. So it is important to take care and look out for each other, to build close bonds and connections between family members so that all members can feel understood and supported by someone in the family group.

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This will keep family ties close and will offer a supportive network for family members to turn to when in need of help and assistance. We all need a helping hand and somewhere to turn to at some points in our lives.

New couples and new families especially need to be aware of some guiding principles needed to build a happy family environment so that you can enjoy the full benefits and rewards of being part of a family. The family is where we all start from and learn from to grow and make our way in the world.