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The course was fun, welcoming, and extremely informative. Yael takes the time to make sure each student gets what they need and is very accessible even though the course is not in person.

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Because of the wonderful professors in the program, I graduated with 4 semesters I only needed 2 of modern Hebrew and a Jewish Studies minor. I was and still am grateful for the culture of learning that the Hebrew Studies program provided for me while I was a student at UWM.

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Undergraduate Minor Commencement year This area of study entry applies to students commencing this course in and should be read in conjunction with the relevant course entry in the Handbook. Units are 6 points unless otherwise stated.

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Minor requirements 24 points Students complete a. Archaeology and ancient history Film and screen studies History Human rights International studies Islamic studies Philosophy Religious studies. Bachelors Single degrees Successful completion of the minor can be counted towards meeting the requirements for the following single degree: A Bachelor of Arts Students in other single bachelor's degrees may be eligible to complete the minor by using 24 points of their free electives.

Makor is the middle school of Hebrew College. We collaborate with Boston-area synagogues to build innovative and tailored education programs for 6th and 7th graders, and strive to be a learning community of wisdom, spirit and spirituality, and friendship for emerging teens. Embark on a gap-year experience in Israel for high school students through Kivunim. Study on our campus, which is just a short drive from Boston, a short walk from public transportation, and easily accessible by major transportation routes.

Our faculty are dynamic, engaged and skilled educators who bring an expertise in and passion for whatever they teach.

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They include rabbis and cantors, rabbinical and cantorial students, Jewish educators, musicians, and experts in an array of fields. They are also skilled educators of adults, able to adapt their teaching approaches to a range of learning styles.

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Community Learning Study Opportunities. Discover Our Offerings Not sure what program is right for you? Start by asking yourself these questions…. Find Your Journey.

Interfaith Learning Take courses on the religious thought and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Eser Open Circle Social Action. Open Circle Young Adult Learning Eser Through Eser , connect with other young adults in their 20s and 30s, discuss issues that matter to you and your peers, and expand your community through through-provoking conversations. Cantorial School Courses Delve into the role that music has played in Jewish life from ancient to modern times; learn about the music of the Jewish people throughout the Diaspora; compare prayer in different religions and parts of the world; and study Jewish music and prayer alongside cantorial students in our non-credit community cantorial classes.

Graduate Education Classes Join a dynamic community of future educators who are preparing to lead, transform and elevate Jewish learning in our pluralistic world in non-credit community Jewish education courses. Rabbinical School Courses Study important texts and theory; Jewish history, culture and spirituality, and social justice and the Jewish life cycle; amongst other topics, alongside future rabbis in non-credit courses through the Hebrew College Rabbinical School.

Prozdor Prozdor is a vibrant learning community for Jewish teens from 8th grade through 12th grade.


Makor Makor is the middle school of Hebrew College. Kivunim Embark on a gap-year experience in Israel for high school students through Kivunim. On Campus Study on our campus, which is just a short drive from Boston, a short walk from public transportation, and easily accessible by major transportation routes.

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